Bass Mixer Stream Create

1.When I Introduce A song in mAirlist I Recieve the error Unsupported sample format (Bass error 6).
What can i do.
2.I’ve put in Audio routing my DJ console (Speakers Pioneer DDJ-SX) in DirectSound, but when I go In Audio settings and I try in DirectSound to Change Audio devices to Speakers Pioneer DDJ-SX the system always returns to Realtek (soundcard of my PC) Thank for help me.

Hi, did you follow the instructions I gave you in your a previous thread?

As you didn’t react you may have overlooked it.

Next question:

Whenever you select a sound device in the list from “Audio Settings” you can change the settings for THIS one selected device in the window.

mAirlist saves the settings when you click “Save” although it displays another device when you re-open the window.

BUT this has nothing to do with the audio routing.

Or are you not capable at all to change the device in the selection field and it jumps back to the Realtek sound card right away?

Please try to select your Realtek Soundcard and test if the error still appears. If not, then the driver for the DDJ-SX may be the problem.

I own it myself but I’m using it only as a DJ console without connection to mAirlist. Is it possible to use all of the 4 channels independently in the audio routing settings?

IMPORTANT: Always use WASAPI in the Audio Routing f possible. DirectSound is old and can lead to buggy sound output.

Please report back. :slight_smile:


Let’s try to solve your problems one by one, okay?

First: The Audio Settings Tab is not the place to set the device or the driver. Like I wrote

It just shows every audio device that’s found on your system and let you configure specific settings for this device when it’s used in windows.

So again, please answer this question:

Next: Can you show us

a) a screen capture of your Audio Routing (not Audio Settings!) with every setting you made for Player A and Player B?

b) a screen capture of the audio settings after you selected the DDJ-SX?

It will help us to find a solution.

As I have the DDJ-SX by myself here I then could test it and see if I get any errors too.

Thank you very much. I think my problem is resolved. When there are in the futur other problems, I ask you that I may contact you. I’m very satisfied that the problem is resolved with your intervention. Thank you again.
.Yours faithfully

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Great! :+1:

You’re welcome, we‘re glad to help. :blush: