Automation Players

Is there a way in Automation mode if you have more than 1 players setup that we can stop the next items in the log from automatically loading in the players until needed by the automation for example

Player 1 is playing a song
Player 2 Empty
Player 3 Empty
Player 4 Empty

Player 1 song is ending 10 Seconds Left then Empty
Player 2 Loads Next item in log and plays when player 1 finishes
Player 3 Empty
Player 4 Empty

Player 1 Empty
Player 2 song is ending 10 Seconds Left then Empty
Player 3 Loads Next item in log and plays when player 2 finishes
Player 4 Empty


Is this possible to be able to do this instead of having the all the players loading up when not needing to?

Hi @xlrradio,

I am working on it, but had no time to find a good solution for this special request.
The order of the players including break must be followed exactly? Or am I wrong?

This might be possible via some scripting – may I ask about the purpose of this procedure?

Interested regards


Hi uli, no the players don’t need to follow in order, just a free one at the time but the point of it is to only have 1 log item in a player at one time and only load up the next item in the log when the current player is nearly finished.
the purpose of this is to stop the log preloading anything before it needs to…eg external streams and stops it greying out when a presenter don’t connect in time and stopping trying the streams if someone connects to it, it bypasses it instead. it stops that happening…
I hope you uli or someone with a script can conquer this request.

thank you in advance

Hi Uli and TSD

Im not rushing you or anything here guys but just seeing how its going trying to find a solution to this?


Well … I’ve got an idea …

That’s good, @Tondose hope to hear that idea soon
And @UliNobbe Hope all is well your end program wise too


Please keep me informed… Thank you

@Torben: Isn’t there some method to loa) a certain player with the next playlist item? I can’t find it anywhere …

Searching regards


I withdraw my previous question.

Found regards


ooooh this sounds promising @Tondose

Well, at the moment it is working reasonably, if

  • the number of players does not exceed 3 and

  • you are working in assist mode.

And that is not what you want, I assume. So I do make any further progress here. Sorry.

Happy Easter holidays


well 3 players is ok but no it needs to work in Auto mode

Hope you get to make further progress on it @Tondose

any ideas @UliNobbe @Torben ?

Not forgotten, but not so easy.
Waiting for a :rabbit2: to bring me some new ideas… :wink:

haha @UliNobbe I’m surprised there’s nothing in the makings of the program that allows for this to happen? or is that for @Torben to find out/develop?

Well, Torben is programming some new features in mAirList - great ideas in the queue, but there’s a serious lack of time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe there is a solution to your request in mAirList; however, I have no idea at the moment. Please let me think on it for a while.

To achieve this in Auto mode, there should exist an option “Do not load players automatically in AUTO”, which, except for this very operating mode, doesn’t make sense at all.

Regretting regards


well only three options available to us at moment is auto load in assist mode, auto load on demand and auto load only if all other players are empty.
im not sure what this auto load is. but they are not ticked nore are they in the item types section but doesn’t stop it auto loading all players
please I hope there is an answer to this eventually :wink:

hi @Torben and others, has anyone got an update on this yet please? (sorry if im coming across as impatient but, just wanting to be kept in the loop with it, not meaning to) I hope we have found something.

Kind Regards

I think, @Tondose was on the right way. I don’t see why mAirList should insert a pause before loading a player in auto mode.

Meanwhile I have thought about inserting an element of silence, but automatically?
Maybe I’m not on the right track…