Automatic time announcements

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me.
I do have precorded 720 small sound-files telling what time it is.
I need automatic time announcements at scheduled positions in the playlist, and I wonder if mAirlist could do that? Not only 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock etc.
Let’s say we would like a time announcement in the playlist for every third song…
The songs have - of course - different lengths.
Could mAirlist manage that?
For instance if time is 6:11 mAirlist should automatically play the file 0611.wav and the speaker says “its 11 minutes past six”.
Could mAirlist manage that?
Or is it possible to code something,
Best regards

Hi Junker,

I remember such a question in the german section of the forum. @radiorom started this in October 2010 (!) with 1’440 tracks (24-hour-format).

Ten years later he explained it here: Zeitansage bei mairlist 6.2 - #6 by radiorom

The important paragraph translated:

We have a directory where 1440 mp3 files are stored, so one for every minute of the day. We add a special element to the playlist that accesses the corresponding file using the current time %h%m.


As a part of the hour template in the database: Yes, this should be possible.

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Hi UliNobbe

Sounds good that it is possible. The big question: How?
I looked in the hour template, but how to do it?

Thanks in advance

BEst regards

Hi UliNobbe, I do have read the thread intensively, but I cant see, how I can configure the database or hour template, so Airlist could play the proper time announcement during an hour. Could you tell, where to go in the hour template? How to setup up?

For reference. Take a look here: Programming the time announcement on mairlist 6.3 - #6 by Stefan_Hillen

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(For reference)

Here I posted a step-by-step tutorial in English for using Elements with variables in an hour template: