Automatic load show on database playlist

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I have four recorded shows that I receive in mp3 format, once a week, to be aired from Monday to Friday, each show is divided in four separate blocks, which I have been load on the database playlist manually, but that is a lot of work, do someone knows a better solution? So, scheduling to load it automatically on the database? I can create a template in the hour block, together with music and the rest, just that I don’t see how I will program Mairlist to pick each individual file, in the good order, to fill the database playlist, or I would have to each time add each file on the music blocks? It doesn’t seem very practical… I could use the Advertising Scheduling to do this job, it looks like what I need, but I don’t want to mix it, how do your guys do it on the everyday at your radio stations? Any help is most welcome!!!

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Did you already tried to add for exameple show1-block1.mp3, show1-block2.mp3, etc. to the database, schedule these and overwrite the files when you received a new show?

I was thinking of doing that, I will try this weekend, I also receive some other feedback on how to program it to get the files automatically, but it could be very complicated, the problem is that the manual is superficial, and if you are not already familiar with this type of software you will have a bad time, otherwise, is a great software and once is set, it goes…
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Just give it a try. It’s a step-by-step-manual with a lot of screenshots so it should be easy to do even for a beginner.

The advantage of the solution with variable filenames

is that you can upload as many shows like you want upfront in one folder and just name it correctly.

This suggestion

would require you to upload the new show everytime AFTER the planned show was on air and you could only have one show stored.

Hello Stefan,
Thanks again for the support, it should be ok with all the help i had receive, and i am happy that i will solve this big issue for me!

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