Adding a second output

we are looking into adding DAB broadcasting next to our FM broadcasting.

We would like to add a commercial blok special to the DAB broadcasting (for example before the top of the hour).

For the moment goes our audio from Mair to a mixer and then to streaming server + studio link to the exciter. This is 1 feed

Any suggestions on how to insert the DAB commercials so that they play on DAB broadcasting and how to add the commercials to play on FM?

Given that we start with 1 audio from the mixer :wink:

Have a great weekend.

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Hello Kris,

not so easy, I think. It does not look like a solution within mAirList; we will have to think about it.

We had a solution for a customer with a similar problem, but the signal split was different: One went out of the mixer directly to the FM hardware, the other one to the mAirList encoder. We solved it with regionalisation and the High Priority input, overriding the encoder signal in mAirList.

In your case maybe a second hardware should be involved. We’re discussing it internally.

Hello Uli,

Can you take the output from the mixer into Mair to regionalise to the encoder? Setting the output from the encoder to (for example)
1: FM gear (not streaming realy just getting it back out of the onair)
2: DAB+ stream
3: normal stream ?

With the option to run commercials seperate on each encoder stream?
The fun part is that we use Axia/Omnia so I guess I can use lots of audio over IP to run my audio.

How does this sound onair?
Best to run the commercial backtiming to the Top of the hour? and 30 minbreak for example?

Thanks for the great help.

I think there is one problem: You have 3 different streams, each one containing different commercial blocks.

  1. FM
  2. DAB+
  3. Internet

I don’t know if the internet stream is allowed to contain the same commercials as on DAB or on FM, but if it is different and you need 3 regions, I don’t know how to solve it with one mixer output without additional hardware.

mAirList only has one High Priority, and the encoder plays the sum of all inputs send to mAirList… :thinking:

Sure, the regionalization splits up the playouts, but when you split up one signal behind the mixer, this sounds complicated.

What is the function of that High Priority exactly?

As the name “High Priority” tells you: It overrides each signal which is actually on the encoder.

It would be nice to have 3 of these :wink:

Three different encoders with separate assignable High-Prioritys or three “highs” with a different priority rankings?

Something that I can get my mixer feed into to insert my commercials and output it to - a livewire audio channel or a stream channel…

Hello Uli and Torben, did you guys had the time to think of an solution/possibility with the software? Have a great day! Kind regards, Kris

Not to date, unfortunately. It really seems to be complicated.

When Torben first heard about this question, his spontaneous answer was “hardware solution”.
But we have to look at it individually. I will ask him this week when he has time (ha ha).

Hardware-based solution had been introduced here a while ago.

Hello Kris,

I will ask our colleague in Belgium, maybe he has an idea for the best solution for you.

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Hello Tondose,
can you elaborate a bit more how it’s done?

In German, alas, but Google Translate should work for you:

Hello Uli,

can you explain how I have to configure The “High Prioritys” on a advertising block?
My current id is to run mairlist without adverting to the mixer.
Take the audio back in, add High Priority" to the stream and stream that to the DAB server.
For Fm input the mixer, add commercials and connect that to the exciter. That would include a extra licence or other software.

Thanks for the feedback.

You would have two regions:

  1. FM
  2. DAB

The routing is:

  1. Playout > Mixer > FM
  2. Playout > Mixer > mAirList Encoder > DAB

Usually this is the same signal (“together”).
When it comes to the region container (with the different advertisement in it), the signal is split:

  • Region 1 (FM) is sent to the Mixer and to FM.

  • Region 2 (DAB) is now sent to the High priority where it overrides the incoming signal from the mixer. It is sent directly to the encoder > DAB.

  • At the end of the container the signals comes together, the High priority ends and everything from the mixer is sent to FM and DAB as well.

And stupid question " now sent to the High priority" is in V5 where?

Uli, can you send me a price quote for a multi station licence?

We have forwarded your request to our sales partner in Belgium, Tom Callebaut.

Sorry, I had to test it in v5 first. It’s available in Audio Devices in the configuration.

With a multi playout that might look a bit different.