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Here you can introduce yourself to the other users if you want.
This is not obligatory.

My name Dave aka Jackson Hammer from the US. I am a former Aircast user with the D&R Airlite. I recently purchased mAirlist Home to use with the new Rodecaster Pro 2. I have gotten the basics working but would like to learn more. I noticed that the german side has info on it, but I don’t speak german. Hoping I can get Google Translate to help. I’d like to see if I can get the midi functions working between mAirlist and the Rodecaster.

Hi Dave,

nice to have you here. Google Translate will generally do a decent job, however there are some English speaking people around here.

Hi Dave,

we will try to implement a Rodecaster Pro II remote control in mAirList in the near future.
Unfortunately we see some problems on Rødes side concerning a few inconsistent MIDI commands, but we’re working on it.

“Stay tuned”. :sunglasses:

Hello everybody.

I introduce him, my name is Damien and I created a radio station in Belgium.

Very happy to be in the maillist community.

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: it’s Google trad because my English is not good. I would like to have a space on this forum in the language of Moliere


Welcome to the forum!

That’s no problem at all, mostly we understand the questions anyway and most of us would need to use a translator software to write in yours and Moliere’s language too.

So it doesn’t matter where misunderstandings would happen :wink:

The problem here is that there are only few users in general using french and the Admins here would need to translate every message to see if it’s compliant with the forum rules.

I guess you are living in the south of Belgium as you couldn’t/wouldn’t use the dutch section of this forum?

Nonetheless there are some really helpful french speaking members here, i.e. @Edgar_LeSon or @Philippe who might be able to help you with more experienced questions in your native language.


Bonjour Damien and welcome to the mAirList community and the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

In addition to Stefan:

Well, we have been asked before for a french section of the forum.
If we should decide for it, it would be a kind of “french speaking users help each other”, but no or a seldom interaction with mAirList as a company.

Would this be helpful, too?

(Google :fr:)

Eh bien, on nous a déjà demandé une section française du forum.
Si nous devions nous décider, ce serait une sorte de “les utilisateurs francophones s’entraident”, mais pas ou peu d’interaction avec mAirList en tant qu’entreprise.

Est-ce que cela serait Ă©galement utile ?

C’est déjà pas mal d’avoir une section française peut importe le contenu.
Merci de votre accueil :blush:

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Je comprends tout à fait merci beaucoup pour l’accueil :blush:

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