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My name Dave aka Jackson Hammer from the US. I am a former Aircast user with the D&R Airlite. I recently purchased mAirlist Home to use with the new Rodecaster Pro 2. I have gotten the basics working but would like to learn more. I noticed that the german side has info on it, but I don’t speak german. Hoping I can get Google Translate to help. I’d like to see if I can get the midi functions working between mAirlist and the Rodecaster.

Hi Dave,

nice to have you here. Google Translate will generally do a decent job, however there are some English speaking people around here.

Hi Dave,

we will try to implement a Rodecaster Pro II remote control in mAirList in the near future.
Unfortunately we see some problems on Rødes side concerning a few inconsistent MIDI commands, but we’re working on it.

“Stay tuned”. :sunglasses: