Writing to File-Tag FLAC files

At this moment I can’t write the Tags to FLAC files in the database.
Would like to see such an option as this saves tons of work.

Now I need to retag it externally and re-import.
This after I edited all the names in the Db already) :’(


mAirList can only update ID3v2 tags (in MP3 files) so far, no other file types.

Actually I consider dropping the file tag writing altogether, for two reasons:

  1. Most of the time it doesn’t work anyway, because the file is locked on disk while loaded into mAirList’s players or Cue Editor.

  2. Only a small selection of fields is written back to the file tag anyway, not all fields from the Attributes tab! That’s not quite what the user expects - and (with the time I have) it’s impossible to write a full-featured file tag writer that is as powerful as e.g. mp3tag. I don’t think that’s a key feature for a radio automation software anyway.

I can understand that Torben.
My only wish was to be able writing Artist and Title to the Tag.


The library that I’m using for FLAC does not have any writing functions at all :frowning:

Please don’t, I’m using “exporting to filetag” in order to use the mp3 with all mAirlist tags at another database at my workplace.

You can still use MMD files.

You’re right Torben, at least I’ve got an escape. Still in favour of the MP3 tag though, MMD’s might get seperated from the MP3 file. Anyway, there are more important things in life! :wink:

If I am right, you can store all the MMD files in one predifined folder. (See Configuration)

Thanks Ferry, I didn’t know that. I will have a look in the manual one of these days.

Following on from the FLAC question and answer…

Would I be correct in thinking that BWF WAV files (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadcast_Wave_Format) are also not supported?


For writing, only MP3 files are supported.

For writing - what about reading?

If you have a collection of WAV files which have already been tagged with BWF information does that get read in?


Yes, that should work. Just give it a try :slight_smile: