Would it be possible to get a Mairlist student (free) license?

Would it be possible to get a Mairlist student (free) license?

Please contact sales@mairlist.com and tell us something about the campus radio station / school radio etc.

I sent the mail, when will I get an approval or a message?

Official office time is Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET.
Please note that we have DST since today, so CEST is GMT+2.

Can’t they work that too?

kriegt man auch eine SchĂĽler Lizens,wenn man kein Schulradio hat?

We grant a discount of 75% on all our editions for “home users”:

Additionally, home users can buy the Home Studio Edition which offers a bit more functions than our Standard Edition, for 99 Euro incl. VAT.
If a group of students buys mAirList Home Studio at once, we offer an additional discount up to 5 licences as listed on the linked page.

Those prices are as cheap as possible for all the professional features.

I have a radio with an average of 22 listeners, would it not be possible to make it cheaper? 99 euros is quite a lot. I am only one person!

iam home user.Please

Me too, please!


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Hey Miguel,

please consider that mAirList is a software intended for professional use by professional users. The stunning 75% discount for home users is an accommodation of its inventor and developer, Torben Weibert, regarding his own background as a campus radio broadcaster. The development of mAirList is a full time job which has to support a whole family and an employee.

So please be kind and accept the generous offer for the Home Studio Edition or look for a different hobby.

Thank you.

This my personal opinion and represents in no way the attitude of mAirList GmbH or its dependent individuals.


I am also a home user don’t work for a radio station. More as 10 listener’s is for me the same as winning the lottery. So what’s your point? If you want free software there are other options freeplayer RadioDj

Hello Henk, I see you also have a radio? Where are you from? Did you want to broadcast with us?

I see it, you are right, I will get the Home Studio version soon, sorry, that shouldn’t come across as nasty

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Nope I wasn’t applying for a job, like Tondose says hobby cost money and radio is a expensive hobby.

Just thinking, Miguel:
Do you own a smartphone? A Playstation, Xbox or something like that (I am not familiar with all that gaming gear)?
Who gave you the PC for free and all the audio stuff (mic or headset, music…) to webcast to 22 listeners?
Hm? :thinking:


Ich finde man kann einmal investieren und dann hat man die Lizens MIguel du kannst hier ĂĽbrigens Deutsch schreiben, du hast ja bei mir gesehen wieviele features es gibt einfach sparen und dann kaufen :slight_smile:

Since he started writing english in the English section, it’s something about respect to our foreign customers and community members not to mix up different languages in one thread / section.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I not want to offend people. But i think it is a bit rude to ask for discounts this way…
If u want a discount contact the developer by email and explain your situation. In this forum there are lots of people who bought the licence(s)… if they made a deal it was made between the developer and the user… why should it be asked in a forum?
Ofcourse I can’t see what the budget of everyone is, but it’s a product wich is made by people who are specialiced in what they do (make a damn good automation software wich is also great to use).
Mairlist is a proffesional piece of software. And yes am sorry to say… but it costs money to buy…
I Know that u can make very good agreements with the developer and am sure u find a way (I Know because i did it when i started to use it aswell). But please keep it between u and them…
As I said, I really don’t care if someone gets discounts or even gets licences for free. That’s up to the developer to decide, but please keep it for yourself…

At last I wanna say that I really don’t want to start an argue nor I wan’t to offend people!

Oh and for those who doesn’t know. I am just a user. Not connected to sales department or any other department of Mairlist…


Yes, I have already apologized.