Windows update, now my Mairlist not connecting with DHD

Hi, I got a forced update from Windows (10) 2 weeks ago. Since then my Mairlist is not connecting with my Hardware (DHD 4200 - Digital), and not activating commands. To keep this simple, I am almost certain that this has to do with the settings in my Mairlist Control Panel. BTW, my Sound Card is a Lynx Aes16e… My Hardware has been checked, and there appears to be no issues, or conflict’s.
I have had 2 professional radio engineers look at it… No resolve.
Are there any Mairlist experts out there that can either tell me, and/or show me what is wrong with my system…I will try to add the mapping of my Lynx Mixer, or system (in/out), and my Mairlist Control Panel settings. Any help would be appreciated.

Lynx IN
Lynx OUT

Hi Barry, nice to have you here.

How should it? mAirList itself isn’t affected by Windows updates in general.

  • What is the main issue? Is there sound at the DHD inputs? Is there sound at the DND output(s)? Is there sound at the encoder input?

  • Or ist it only the commands like PFL and fader start do not work?

  • By which means are DHD and mAirList connected (the remote functions, this is)?

  • Do you possess a backup of your audio routing settings or the mAirList system in its entirety?

  • Please apply WASAPI rather than Direct Sound drivers. Is the setting for player 1 deliberately no ASIO?

  • Is the default playback device deliberately set to channel 02? (Not needed if set for each single player.)

  • Is the cartwall general on air channel (10) deliberately the same as the one for cw-player 2? (Not needed if set for each single player.)

Would you mind to register your mAirList serial number in your personal prfile in the forum, please? This is not publicly visible and qualifies you as a verified customer.

In closing Tondose, I am not a technical guy, or a Windows guy. I am more on the creative&on-air side, and a Mac guy. So I am clueless. What does my above info tell you. Thanks for your reply

So what is the essence of your request at all? As I do not possess a magic sphere (and nor do the others around here), we are not able to give you a hand without further information.

Hi Tondose, sorry for the confusion, perhaps I was just speaking in tech-talk…
I will try to simplify, while working to get you a better explaination by tomorrow.

Here is another try for tonight…

I got an update from Microsoft, and something has changed. Perhaps more that 1 thing…
My Mairlist came back with no settings in my Control Panel, and for whatever reason it did not want to open what I thought was the saved backup Settings file… So first I just want to make sure my Control Panel is set up correctly, mapped correctly…

Above is the mapping of my Lynx, and a photo of my current Mailist Control Panel settings.
I am going to go switch back to WASAPI, as you recommended.

What I am not sure of are my Default Devices settings within the Control Panel
And the same applies for my Cart Wall - On Air Device…
The rest I know… (within the Control Panel)…

From there, I can go and and check for issues within the MS system, if any…

My entire system is just not syncing… (Softwrae, Hardware, Sound Card).
But the Hardware all checks out OK…

My Mairlist is not following my DHD Commands (Hardware), and I am not getting any input/output. Mainly because my Mairlist isnt reacting, or starting the Player/Cart…
(but the files are there, data is there). Just frozen… Does that help explain my problem

Lets start with just my Control Panel settings…
Any tips or advise would be appeciated. Thanks

So the good news is my system is now working (WASAPI), so thank you. I still have some minor issues to work out with the mapping of my Player 1, but Ok, that is easy compared to the problems that I had. Thank You