Windows 8 - plans to support?


With the release just around the corner, I’m curious whether Windows 8 will be supported? Or perhaps there are no plans until W8 is proven to be a popular version?

Cheers, Alec M

If the question is “Will mAirList be turned into a Windows 8 Metro Style App?”, then the question is No.

Ordinary (non-Metro/fullscreen) Windows applications will continue to run as usual on Windows 8, and a few people have tested mAirList already on that platform, and it seems to run fine.

No, only whether mAirList could run on W8. Definitely not as an app.

Cheers, Alec

I’ve just bought a new Windows 8 laptop with a touch screen, and when I get to it, looking forward to trying mAirlist with the touchsreen functionality. Just need to buy another license :slight_smile:

Have to say I find using a mouse & touchscreen very refreshing.

Cheers, Richard

Idid also try ity out my self. To many problems with soundcard drivers. So switched back to windows 7 mucb more stable