Windows has arrived

So with the release of Windows 10 now well and truly upon us, looming like a dark sinister cloud of incompatibility, failed driver installs, and unfamiliar layout, what is the state of play with mAirList 5.x and Windows 10?

Do they play well together, or is it best to give it some time before any of us consider upgrading?

It was reported, that mAirList was running fine on the Engineering preview.
Never the less especially with some Studio Sound Cards in use for Radio production Studios, I’d recommend to wait until there are properly tested Drivers available.

In the past many People recommended to wait at least until the first Service pack. Those Service Packs are no longer exisiting in Win10, but the waiting periode of 6-12 month should still be a good choice for any audio application.

For those who are migrating to Windows 10:

You will have to reset your mAirList license in order to activate it on the new OS.

Remember that you serve yourself via the customer area on the website now. Go to “My Licenses”, open the license details, then follow the steps in the “Activation” section.