Will mAirList run on Windows server 2022 LTE?


I want to get a new system for our nonstop computer.
Seeing good priced rackservers that are running Win 2022 LTE.
Now, will mAirlist run on this without restrictions?

I currently have 10 instances running on my Windows Server 2022 without any problems. In other words: Yes, mAirList runs on Windows servers.

However, I don’t know exactly what is meant by “LTE” here. Isn’t there such a thing as an LTE edition? Or have I misunderstood something?

I meant LTSC sorry :slight_smile:

Should also work from my point of view. However, the others here in the forum are welcome to correct me if they have different experiences.

But even with an LTSC server it says:
“These versions are designed to be supported for an extended period of time (typically 5 to 10 years) without major changes to functionality”

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