when using iTunes as Database, Artist is missing

What subject says - Whenever I use iTunes as the backend for my mAirlist 4.3.13 Build 1909 I never get artist unless I revamp it to MP3. Which sort of defies the purpose of having itunes as a backend library :wink:

I’d give 4.3.14 Build 1915 a shot, but as far as I can see in the Changelog - nothing has changed in respects to this problem. The problem started sometimes around 4.2, though I suspect the problem lies within itunes and not mAirlist, I cannot be certain.

mAirlist 4.313 Build 1990

Anybody but me who has this particular problem?

This might have nothing to do with the issue, but try setting iTunes CD “Rip” settings to MP3 rather than AAC. That’s how I have my iTunes set-up and I’m having no problems in 4.3.4 or 4.4.1 currently!

BUT make sure you are taking the files from the Database section and not the file browser, If you load a .m4a file into mAirList from the file browser that iTunes has made, then no artist will appear, just the file name as the title!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: