Whatsup with my License?


Whats going on?


Emergency activation enabled!

The license requires activation, and Emergency Activation has been turned on. The license will work on any hardware until May 11, 2022, but will stop working after that date. If you find that your license hasn’t been reset within that period, please contact customer support.

I should buy new license? I didn’t know, that my license expires after 4 years

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Please contact support@mairlist.com - we don’t discuss license stuff in public.

Would you please be so kind to enter your serial number in yor forum profile? Only we from mAirList support team can see this and we can add an icon as a “verified customer”.

ofc, thanks for answer.

I just add my license number

Thank you for your mail, we will check this.
Continued in our support system. :lock: