What is better

Hello Torben

I still do have a preformance issue on my local network. Sometimes it is realy slow and sometimes not . I did thought i had solved this problem but in win 8 it is still there . Voice track recorder does not respond immediately, and also the mix editor. What can it be , is this the postgress sql what causes this or something else?
Is it better to turn over to sql server 2012 ?



When the files take very long to load, it’s rather an issue related to Windows file sharing, antivirus etc.

PostgreSQL is not the problem.

How can i forcome this problem ?

Bit of detective work when you get a problem like this.

It could be cables, bad connection somewhere, perhaps faulty network hardware such as network switch or even a bad network card

Seems to be windows settings in network card ip4 and ip6 causes the delay problem solved .