What does your Mairlist look like? (V7)

Since there was an active topic in the forum for version 6 “How does your mAirlist looks like?” and it was recently announced that version 7 will be officially launched soon, I thought it would be nice to create a similar post for version 7 users.
So you can share your design of mAirlist version 7.

Not everyone who shares a layout in this topic also wants to share the entire configuration or files. So let’s not ask about the files in this post. As soon as someone wants to share this, they can and may of course also do so in this topic. Let’s respect each other, otherwise I’ll delete this topic.

Of course I will lead the way with my current design:

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That skin is amazing! I want a similair skin in the future.

Right now i’m building a database, testing en learning mAirList.
I want to launch a internet station in a few years, so this is just a test setup.
I have one screen at the moment so i only use 2 main players en 2 single players.

This is my layout:

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Somehow the wrong screenshot was loaded and I am not able to edit my first post.
So here is my current layout:

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One screen layout. Still work in progress, but getting happier with it