What does (untitled) in the playout window title bar represent?

Does anyone know where the (untitled) text that appears to the right of the license number in the playout window’s title bar comes from?

Can it be changed from script?

What object property needs to be updated to change it?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Cameron,

it’s the name of the loaded playlist. So when the playout window is empty after mAirList starts, the name of the playlist is (untitled).

Try to save and reload a playlist by name and see how it looks like. :wink:

Thanks Uli. It works as you describe. Our operators seldom save lists so I’d never noticed.

For future readers, the string is changed to the full path to the playlist file that is saved or loaded. Its behaviour is similar to that of many Windows applications.

I was hoping to exploit it to display the name of the program that is on air. Nevermind.