What do you use to run your cartwall?

Hello, what do you use to start items from your cartwall (other then clicking on with the mouse)?

Touch screen.

I use a novation launchpad

Preh Keytec Keyboard

I use the MidiPad app on my iPad Mini 2 or iPhone 6S Plus, whilst running rtpMIDI on my Windows studio computer.

Currently I have it mapped for Voice Tracking functions, and player A and B (Play, Stop, Fade Stop). But you can also map the cart wall too.

I prefer MidiPad because it uses 2 different types of pad presses, the normal tap, and also a button/switch tap (i.e tap for on, tap for off). Also you can change the pad colours, and customise the pad text labels, as well as the amount of pads on the screen.

I tried around 4-5 apps, but that one was the best.

Here’s a screen shot of it:-

I use XKEYS (http://xkeys.com/) and then manually map them to keystrokes in the mAirlist config. That said I do like the midipad approach. Hum, off to investigate.

It’s cool, and very cheap, especially as I already had an iPad Mini 2.

Trying to setup MidiPad and I can’t get rtpMidi to see the iPad.!!! Can’t find any config settings in the Midipad app other than the pad layout etc. Ive got to be missing something obvious!! :slight_smile:

UPDATE, re-installed Bonjour, restarted the service and voila. Seems responsive. :slight_smile: Thanks

Yes, it was tricky to get it going, but works perfectly from there on in.

I just recorded a show this week using and it worked flawlessly. Just got to tweak some buttons and layouts. Still not sure whether I prefer the ipad on the desk or the xkeys. However that is personal rather than technical.

Thanks for the info.

Regards, Richard

No problem Richard.

I currently use it as I find it quicker than using keyboard mappings, especially once you have it laid out in a way that seems comfortable to you.

Ideally I would love to use a D&R desk also mapped into mAirList, and use the iPad along side that. But currently I use a simple Behringer 1622FX as my main mixer, plus a bunch of outboard processing for mics and the signal chain. So I make do with what I have.

The Airlite looks attractive to me, but not sure if available over in the old colony here (USA). Their US distributor’s website seems to have gone up in smoke. Looks very flexible.

Dang, I checked bswusa.com but they don’t stock D&R. You might have to contact D&R direct, I know they promote there products in the US, so must be available somewhere.

Must admit, I do like there mixers. Have been using there kit in stations I work for, for the last 13yrs.

The piggy bank can’t handle one until spring next year, if I want one we will find a way :slight_smile:


Are there any new interfaces that came to the market in the last few years?

For me this is still my programmable Preh Keyboard, similar to X-Keys. I still prefere these over any Touchscreen solution, due to the haptic feedback.

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