Website creation with mairlist for sound

Good morning all,

Is it possible with mAirlist 6.3 to feed a WEB site in www, so that the titles can pass, with their names and their photos possibly?
Or should we acquire an additional plugin? If yes which ?
Thank you in advance for your replies.
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Hi Edgar,

you can send “now playing”-files to a server via actions and read it with a script on your website.

Or just use a player with a built-in metadata reading. I’m using the Luna Player that can handle multiple stream formats and is prepared for different hosting companys right from start. Available as a Wordpress or Javascript Plugin.

Or you can use the fantastic wordpress theme of - it has internal ajax players who can read the streams and looking automatically for covers. (Axax= Every time a listener change pages it continues playing)… And it’s designed for radio sites with great looking templates and well thought-out plugins…

Both working fine with mAirlist’s metadata in the outgoing streams… (personally tested)


Hello dear Stefan,
Thank you for your answer. I’m trying to find it.
Take care of you.

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