wave/cue editor controls

I think i may have requested this before! Cue editor controls, Play, Stop, nudge forward/backward etc. to act like Audition & Audiacity.

Can you elaborate?

Sorry for not responding sooner. In other audio editors i have used, the space bar is Stop/Start toggle. The - and + zoom the timeline. the arrow keys nudge the cursor a bit at a time left or right. I and O in edit point and out edit points. Im sure some would find using keyboard shortcuts easier than using the mouse and clicking screen icons. My main use of the editor is to add into etc. markers.

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[warming up feature request]

I miss this feature too. I am very familiar with the space bar for play / pause the output in DAWs; it is not comfortable to move the mouse to the play button again and again in the cue editor.
Therefore, a function for play / pause via the space bar would be very helpful.

Torben, sometimes you mention in this forum that you also work with Audacity, so you should know about it, right?

Yes, I understand. Adobe Audition is the same.

Generally, I would just make a remote control command and let people assign it to any function they like.

The problem is that the space bar is a special key in Windows and cannot be used as a hotkey in mAirList. At least not as a configurable hotkey (in the remote control section of mAirList). So I have to hardcode it.

Long before the Mix Editor existed, people asked to use the spacebar for AUTOMATION 1 NEXT. This is why we have an option for that now.

I must check if we can do the same for the Mix Editor. And hope that people don’t want to use the spacebar in too many other places.