WASABI driver and atributes


I have set up the Mairlist with D&R airlite and as suggested on the forum I used WASABI driver. However, I notied that the USB lines as identified by the driver do not match the sliders on the D&R. For examphe 2-USB is on the first slider, USB 3 is on the second, USB 4 on the third and USB on the fourth. Is it possible to manually rename the USB channels? Also, I noticed that, after I shut down the PC and restart, the assignment to modules in the D&R is re-set and I have to map them again. I was under the impression that this does not happen when WASABI is used.

My second question is about the syntax of the attributes. I have read the forum posts but It is still not clear to me how to assign attribute fast, slow, medum, male and female to songs. Mostly I have a problem with the syntax I have to use?

Also I want to assign attributes to the sweepers “slow to fast” “fast to slow” “fast to fast” “slow to slow” and “medium” Which syntax do I use in the attributes section? The options under “kind” are a bit confusing.

What I am trying to achieve is have the corresponding sweeper speed between each songs. For example when I transition from fast to slow song I want to run fast to slow sweeper.

The USB names are assigned by Windows randomly, in the order the USB devices are detected by Windows. (Inside the Airlite there is a USB hub with four distinct USB sound cards.) You cannot change their names.

With DirectSound, the order of the devices in the list (not their names!) may change at any time as you plug or unplug other audio devices, change the Windows default devices, or reboot your system. The order in mAirList’s device list will also change, so there is a good chance that everything will be screwed up.

With WASAPI, all devices have a unique ID that should never change, unless you upgrade the driver or switch to another USB port. That’s one of the reasons why WASAPI is preferred over DirectSound.

Attributes are just key-value pairs. You can enter any name and text as key and value. That how you would do it if you used the right hand side of the Attributes tab with the plain table (use cursor-down to add more rows).

“Standard Attributes” is a way to define commonly used attributes beforehand, so you get a nice input form on the left hand side of the dialog.

“Single-line text field” means that there will just be a plain input box in the dialog.

“Text field with drop-down option list” is a text field with a drop-down of common values.

“Option list” is the same, but you cannot enter text manually, only select from the list. That’s probably the one you are looking for.

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