Warning: File Management in 1.5.41


Just a warning: The “file management” option introduced in 1.5.41 might cause problems in that version when dealing with certain MP3 or MP2 files. You might experience that mAirList skips parts from the beginning of the file, or stops playback before reaching EOF.

Please disable that option until v.42 is released.


Sorry to be stupid, but where is the file management option?

I assume it is somewhere in the ever-growing Configuration?

PS: Thanks AGAIN for all your hard work with mAirList! Excellent stuff!


The option can be found on the BASS.DLL page.

Enabling it makes mAirList open the file and pass the data internally to BASS.DLL, instead of telling BASS.DLL the file name and let it open the file on its own.

This allows me to implement a number of interesting features, the first of which is already done: It’s possible to load small files entirely into RAM. I also plan to implement a mechanism that copies network files to a local folder before opening, this preventing failures caused by unreliable networks.


This would probably explain why WAV files appear as 0 duration when dragged into the playlist… ? Opening them in ExtraPFL cues it, as does loading into a deck.

EDIT: Nope… Turned it off, and it still happens ?!

Oh, that has a different reason. I have started to work on support for the BWF file format (which is an extension to WAV) and thus established a new class “WAVFilePlaylistItem”, which is still unfinished. (The *FilePlaylistItem classes are repsonsible for extracting the duration and other metadata when a file is inserted into the playlist.) It will soon work again.

However, the duration should be updated once the file is loaded into a player.