hello :smiley:

I use a Simple Button in GUI so that’s should be the trick to open the Voicetrack, But i see that nothing is open or be open to record a voicetrack.

I used Events than Execute command (VT OPEN) on the default playlist. I use the latest snapshot 2031.


When you’re using the mouse anyway, why don’t you just click the VT button in the main toolbar?

Hi Torben,

Yes i understand that’s possible, I was making a layout for myself and i saw that it was possible to do it with a command.
So i thought that it was possible to make it work :(, But it didn’t work. So i let you know! :smiley:

Can you check it ;D :slight_smile:

Cheers, Frank

OK, the problem is:

The VT recorder wants to know which playlist (in case you have more than one) the voice track is to be recorded into, so the playlist must have focus. But when you click a button, that button gains focus…

It might work with an Extended Button, because its button object is “graphic control” which cannot have focus.

Thanks for the reply, and explain :smiley:

I gonna try the extended button.