VT Feature Request....

Hi all,

Couple of “would be nices…” and I think would be a great help to the workflow.

  1. Ability to “round-trip” the VT WAV file to an external editor. If the recording was good, but maybe you want to edit a cough/burp etc, would be nice to send to say Audition/Audcaity etc, edit, save then tweak back in the Mix Editor. This is a feature I use a lot in Video Editing (called round tripping) and is a great time saver.

  2. When I have the VT windows open, I lose the ability to mouse click the cartwall so I can’t fire off carts on a VT link. (I do use an Xkeys pad so I can start the carts that way), however I have found I’m faster VT’ing with the mouse. I understand this is a dialog modal issue, but even with touchscreen users, the cartwall is blocked when in VT.

Cheers, Richard

  1. Nice idea.

  2. Why would you want to use the Cartwall during VT anyway?

Well…, talk, start bed, carry on talking, play some sound effects, bed stop, start next track… (all in one flow)

I can think of a lot of uses :slight_smile:

You mean you’re recording the cartwall output along with the microphone?

yes, I have a Delta 1010LT and so the audio mixer main o/p feeds input 1 and the sub group feeds input 2 and that is what I connect to the VT. Works rather well.

A typically cunning Richard solution. I rather like his idea; and it does feel ‘natural’ to be able to fire carts during a VT recording.

True, an Xkeys pad would work; but something cheap’n’cheerful I use here is a set of Buzz! controllers. They give you 20 buttons at very low cost, and work flawlessly with mAirList. The only annoyance is making a cradle of some sort to keep the little $%"$!* things from moving around, falling over, etc. Once you’ve done that (made mine from a breakfast cereal packet and some white gaffer tape LOL!), they’re really nice to use. Especially the Big Round Red buttons! ::slight_smile: