Vst plug in

I recently upraded to windows 11 and now I get the “error loading vst plug in” message. I use the MBprocess sound processor in the encoder. It worked fine in widows 10. Also, other plug ins will not work in Mairlist but they do in other programmes. Thank you.

I have installed the plugin on my windows 11 test pc and it works under mAirList v5.

Maybe you get this messsage out of the configuration, but not from the playout / control panel?

Well, this is a typical, but at least normal phenomenon.
A VST-plugin can only work when the encoder function is activated (a kind of “opened”, but not connected). The configuration can not open the Encoder; the playout does it while starting. :wink:

Please check this. Thank you.

Many thanks for your help. I kind of solved my own problem. I remembered that on the forum some time ago, I saw a post that suggested deleting or renaming the devices.ini file which I did and it all works again now. Thanks again.