Hi Torben

Question. While voicetracking a radio show we want also to use the cartwall for background music or starting short jingles or liners in to the ramps. But some how i am not be able to do it. Is this working when we are voicetracking?


I can only make it work by using Hot-Keys (in my case Global Hotkeys using an Xkeys panel). I believe the VT dialog blocks the main app generally but remote control seems to work fine.

What type of xpanel are you using ? Looking at the website right now


Right now I have the “Classic X-Keys Desktop”, but looking at some point the “X Keys Professional” when the piggy bank allows. I have 12 CartWall players configured for instant start/stop, Player 1 & 2 Start, PFL on/off Cartwall, VT Start/Stop & Cancel along with Change Cartwall Set.

Hi Poprock fm,

Did you manager to sort out the use of cartwall while VT? How did you do it?



I did not buy the x keys panel i just saving money to buy it