Voicetrack + jingle


I was wondering how to do this: I want to talk at the end of a song by voicetrack, start the next song and then add the jingle at that song. So:

Song A, me talking at the outro of the song: "Hey, this was Emeli Sande at place 32, right now on Biggest Hits, INTRO Rag ‘N Bone Man, Human’ and then a small caller (jingle): “31”. This would be very handy for a charts program. How to do so?


Not yet possible, but the feature is in the immediate pipeline :slight_smile:

Glad you brought that up, and that it’s in the pipeline. Very useful feature.

Looking forward to it! :smiley:

Also very happy to hear that and looking forward to it very much.

Depending on which board you use, you can set up the VT input to AUX and use the cart wall to fire off the jingle as you record the VT.

This is how I do it at the Moment. Same with Bumpers and Talk-Beds but it is Kind of tricky, because once the mix-Editor is open, you can only use gloabl working remote controls to Trigger the start of a Player or Cart-Player. I use global hotkeys anyway…

I use the D&R hotkeys, btw… what is the difference between local and global hotkeys/.?

local hotkeys only work as Long as mAirList has the Window Focus, global hotkeys do work always even if a different application has the Focus or mAirList is minimized.