Voicetrack DHD Faders

We upgraded our DHD to a RM4200 frame with 52RX panels, using the RM420-852 controller for Toolbox 5, running firmware 7.04.41.

When trying to set up voicetracking using the faders, i can’t seem to get this working. I have ‘Channel-based’ Fader Level Notifications selected in the DHD ECP control panel, and i set up the right fader channels on the Voice Tracking tab.

When i try to record a voicetrack the players start automaticly, so the FaderStart logic works, but the volume sliders don’t move when i move the fader.

In the DHD Console i do see all the sliders move when i move the faders on the console.

Am i missing something?

It’s a bug, the DHD remote is generating VT PLAYER A VOLUME xxx commands with comma as decimal separator, while the VT recorder expects a dot as separator.

Will be fixed in upcoming build 5638.