Voice tracking

Hi Torben

Is there a way to voice track over the internet, or are you planning to do that for the new version.



That would be a perfect add on. That and auto ducking.

The way I do it, is a VPN link into our network, a copy of Mairlist on remote location machine.

Dial in, connect to network, map required drives, use Mairlist as you would at our studios

Why not using the DB Server that is included with mAirlist, just configure your mAirlist client at home to use a mAirlist DB (Internet) and the audio will just stream from the DB Server to the client, no need to copy the audio.

You only need to forward the port you configure in the DB Server on your router. No other ports or forwarders are needed.

How should we set this up and how we are going to work with it, when I choose for mAirlist database Internet Client I choose the hostname or ip port 8840 mairlist user password, click I Login Test ok then I get error http500: - / ping. see

See screendump



error 500 ping.png

Check the messages in the server log, there should be a detailed message when an error 500 occurs.

Where can i find this Torben ? Maybe a simple issue …

Database Server application, “Log” tab. (That was simple, huh?)

Is it in Postgress sql ? Sorry seem to be lost . Maybe teamviewer session?

Problem solved , was easy thanks Torben , it was the firewall , in combination with an older mairlist user , but it’s working fine now !


See this works for large stations or people who can afford the expensive pro version. I have the home studio for my station which is strictly online. I want yo be able to have remote voice trackers but won’t be able to with it the way it is.

Unless I missed something.

I’ve got the pro version . I do not know if it works with the home version , you should ask Torben !


As far as i know it doesn’t.

Remote voice tracking with multiple people involved? The Home version is for individual, personal use.

I don’t want other to have control over the studio computer. Simply be able to see a log and record voice tracks. Then save then and send then to the studio. Maybe I should have invested in the pro. Is there any sort of lease program available for upgrades?

Hello Torben

What is better for remote voicetracking over the internet a vpn connection like an hamaci vpn or over the http protocol.And how can i set up the path pf my drives of the server pc like this \Server-pc\d\Music\2010-2013 is that enough or do we need to set up more
Because i’m going on a holiday and i want to take my laptop with me .


When I try hamachi vpn i recieve an error http500 ping error what i’m doing wrong


Problem solved it was indeed the log settings . Now it’s also working over vpn