Voice tracking question


What does “Adjust player volume” do in the config for voice tracking?

I’ve tried translating the German v4.2 manual through Google Translate, but it’s struggling in places.

When turned on (default): Moving the volume sliders of player A/B records the volume envelope and adjusts the playback volume during the VT session.

When turned off: Only volume envelope is recorded; player A/B audio remains at full volume.

This is for users of DHD and Lawo consoles who route the VT players through their console. These consoles are able to report the current fader position back to the VT dialog (you move the fader on the console, and the slider in the VT dialog moves accordingly). But as the volume is already adjusted inside the console, mAirList only needs to record the slider position.

Oh right, gotcha. Thanks Torben.

One other quick question, does the vt record when I hit the play button on the B track, and note that time accordingly for lining up the tracks?

Yes, it does. Or should :wink:

Oh righty, thanks Torben :slight_smile: