Visual radio

Is it possible to make a visual radio option into Mairlist?

To make a streaming option (for example)to youtube live in Mairlist.
Add music video (clips) to the music tracks
And add (ip) camera’s to Mairlist

I think visual radio is a upcoming this day’s

See Example:

I am aware of the existing approaches and systems for “visual radio”, and I must say that I find this very interesting.

However I don’t think this should be part of the automation system. But rather a separate piece of software, that aggregates several sources to build the video stream:

  • Mixer output (master audio signal)
  • Automation (artist/title, and video filename, of song being played)
  • Live cam inputs
  • Mixing console (information about active mics/sources)

If you know an investor who would like to fund such a project, let me know. I am open to business proposals.

On a side note: I must say that I find it strange that another manufacturer recommends to download and re-broadcast music videos found on Youtube. Hello copyright lawsuit.

Thanks for your reply.
I hope there is an investor because this could be the bomb for the future.

Very true, even something that can detect which mic is active, and switch camera position accordingly would be great.

You could start by creating a simple video app, similar to wirecast, that uses an image or video in a loop as the main focus, but in addition pushes the track information as an overlay, master out as the audio source, and supports low and upper thirds for example.

I’m thinking of live streaming my station, and something along those lines would be useful.

Currently one station I look after uses Wirecast to push to YouTube live 24/7, and its worked out nicely for them.

Hi Everybody,
I was thinking about to create something like visual Radio based on Openbroadcaster. You can directly stream to twitch or YouTube or as I prefer own Streaming Server.

Starting with some simple stuff like overly Artist and title Information like from Amazon or on some camera.
Actually I like the die with the Mic detection.
Regarding the Content it should be easy to add some web based Feeds, like Twitter, RSS or even Artist and title Information from mAirlist, either direct or through some web scripts, that add som more visual fancy stuff (Album Art, Artist art).

Does anybody know if it is allowed to use Content from for such Video broadcast?

My last Approach to openbroadcaster was not very lucky, I can’t get it work on Win10 but I did not spend lot of time.
I will get back to Radio doing my weekly Show starting this week. Once this is established maybe we can start working on such Project here on the community.

Best regards and a happy new year of course.

Wow, Open Broadcaster, looks like very interesting stuff…

Yes, I think it already can do pretty much from the visual Radio Video.

Works well with mairlist.

this is very interesting. Any samples of radios that are doing this?

Many stations are using visual radio assist.