Version 6.1.2 - New Cartwall Commands

The version 6.1.2 (2018-05-15) changelog mentions “Added cart selection and related commands”.

I’d like to know more about these, but the most recent scripting help file (chm format) I can find in

/download/current/mAirList/v6.0/scriptinghelp is dated 2017-08-22.

Is there some other documentation that might assist?


Greg Segal

Uploaded a CHM file for v6.1:

The new function were introduced to mimic the behavior of an existing French cartwall software.

ICartwallItem has Select/Unselect.

ICartwallPageControl has SelectItem/UnselectItem (and will respect the new options regarding interlock).

There are new commands "CARTWALL COLUMN " that will do the same thing as the existing "CARTWALL ", but will automatically be applied to the selected item(s) of the specified column.

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Thanks Torben - I appreciate the quick update.

I expect there could be some useful info in other parts of the CHM as well.