Version 4: Mix editor/use of mouse wheel to zoom in/out

It would be great to be able to use CTRL+MouseWheel Up/Down to zoom in/out, as it is possible with some popular waveform editors and Audition. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Have you tried the mousewheel without holding CTRL? :wink:

No, actually, I haven’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:

When the audio editors you mentioned require you to hold down Ctrl to zoom, what operation do they perform without Ctrl?

I must have been an older version of Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition prior version CS 5.5 (which I am using at the moment). I tried the mouse wheel in Audition – where to my surprise it worked just fine without holding the CTRL key. Anyway, it works fine now – I’m happy :smiley:

Can’t wait for v4.0 to be ready for production. In a one-mAirList-license-only production environment, the new graphical cue editor will make things MUCH easier for me and speed up the preparation of playlists.

Logically (my mouse is a trackball and does not have a wheel), they would ‘scrub play’ the item and move the current position marker. Similar to moving a cue marker point in the 3.x PFL dialog by moving the wheel. :smiley:

… unless they zoom in/out without Ctrl being pressed, of course! ;D