Verbindung mit Icecast herstellen..

Wir haben nun mittlerweile einiges selbst getestet, aber vergeblich…

Wir wollten die Mairlist mit einem Icecast-Server verbinden.
Bekommen aber ständig den Fehler : connection Timedout: BassError 40.
Mittlerweile wissen wir nicht mehr weiter…
Bitte helft uns…
Für weitere Infos steh ich gerne zur Verfügung.

Liebe Grüße

Die Suche schon mal bemüht?
Und warum der Post im Englisch-Forum :o,7492.msg54881.html

Hallo radiofly :slight_smile:

Ist das Deine Bewerbung als Moderator für das Forum um Torben zu entlasten?

- btw, if you’d answered in english, Kerstin maybe could have realised that something went wrong… :wink:

Hi Folks,
Indeed it is a very common problem of real network issues but blaming mAirlist to have a problem here. Possible root cause can be routers (Traffic shaping or firewall rules) or use of WiFi connection, that is well known to be instable and cause interruption.

I guess pretty often this issue happens becuause the server host name is typed in with http:// in front, but this is not needed here. While on stream playback it should be with the protocol.

@Uli, by the way, this seems to answer my question from the german forum, if mAirlist can send the stream to an https enabled stream server. I don’t think it can but is hard coded to http protocol. Shortly I will be able to test that, as soon as I figure out the Wildcard certificate of let’s encrypt with Icecast.

Kind Regards

mairlist Icecast-Encoder Settings.PNG

I did some more testing and it seems it no more matters, if you put http:// in front of the Hostname/IP or not.
Both work fine on my server.
Tested on mAirlist 6.1.9