Velleman K8055 Script EOF

Hello all,
Legal to the MairList since last week. MairList 6.3
Also with a K8055 for the remote start of the tracks. After some settings etc this works well (very well in fact).
Now my question is there a possibility to use the outputs of the K8055 to, for example, flash a light when the number of the relevant player is almost finished. Same as on the onscreen payer A or player B (last 10 sec) Now I have searched the internet for a script, but could not find any…

I would like to hear from your experts

Greetings Aldwin

Hi Aldwin,

this is in fact a feature that I’m pursuing, too - although I intend to use the Velleman VM110 card, which is almost identical, though, and 100% compatible with your card.

I’m not quite finished, yet, as I’m still struggling with the hardware (I want to light elements of a signal tower) but I have already prepared a script for mAirlist that performs a small test on the card. This script will be enhanced in the future and I have also planned that one of the elements of the signal tower shall blink on EOF.

You can find my Script here: GitHub - McCavity/vm110n-mairlist: On Air signalling for mAirlist with the Velleman VM110N USB card and you can of course modify it for your requirements - or you wait until I find the time to continue on this project :wink:

Here’s a small video of what the script does currently: