Hello everyone,
I am trying to set radio show to be load on the playlist automatically using variables, but i have some doubts about the right variable to use, I had try different things this last weeks but it did not work…
So, each file comes with the file name, number of the file, and the date:


and inside the file there is 4 blocs, with the name of the file, a number to show witch day of the week it is ( it goes from 1 to 5, to show Monday to Friday), plus block number:

In the end, it gives this path:
Z:\Programas de radio\Radio estudio Brasil\Amado Batista\AMADO_4062_04_04_2023\AMADO BATISTA 2 -BLOCO 1.mp3

So, i just don’t know how to enter the variable for the number of the file:


and also for the number to show witch day of the week it is:

I am trying to use it with an external item as a hour template:

For the rest it looks fine, if someone could help me it would be great,
Many thanks in advance

Hi Julio,

how about using four events with a different block number each?

For the week number, maybe @Torben might give a clue if it is possible to use runtime data in this context.

Thanks for the response, yes, i was thinking about it, i did it for the top of the hour as it did not work as an hour template with external item, don’t get why… I think i will give a last try as it may be easier like this with the template, but otherwise, will do an event, also, i had try to edit the tiles, to remove some of the info, but it still did not work, but let’s see if it eventually can work,
Thanks again,