Variable (Placeholder) for server name in email?

We have two MairList servers with identical setup to cover downtimes. Both are sending status messages by email once an action or script is beeing activated.

In order to distinguish in between the two systems I would like to use a variable in the email’s reference field (Re:) to indicate which system sent the message.

Is there any such variable? This way we could use exactly the same action srcipts for both systems. So far we are using duplicates with a manually edited reference fields.

You can possibly achieve what you’ve asked with Pascalscript. I’ve never sent an email with mAirList so I’ve no idea how flexible that feature is.

I have 4 production playout systems that are deployed from the same Ghost image. They self-configure at boot time according to their location within our facility. I can freely move machines between studios without their “identity” travelling with them.

Within mAirList, a startup script reads an external file that contains an instance identifier (which is set at boot time). In our case we use the identifier string to set the mAirList instance name. The file containing the identifier is at the same location on every system.

Using the instance name has the perhaps-useful side effect of tagging item history with the location from which the item was played. The instance name is also trivially retrievable from any script at runtime.