V7 idea's

I would really like to have an option feature that allows you to do a trial extend
both for new generation radio enthusiasts (instead of 1 test license),

possible with a drag n drop function for the mix editor

is this possible who can help me?

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We are thinking about a solution for an extension of the license before the end of 30 days.
v7.0 Beta is available since 6 days, so don’t worry.

We are happy about many Beta testers; thank you for joining.

Thank you for the right answer

one more thing

i cant hear no hooks jingles or music,

in v7 did you fix this bug (error)
FLAC file encoding fails (does not create output file)

we use mairlist at the dutch scouting and our studio.

mairlist the best software

i would also like to to trial extand for other broadcast software like aircast and your hardware


So my database is growing over the last year and when i started entering songs, i also entered the album art (downloading the album cover from Google Images).

Because i use Google Drive as backup the file path from the images has changed and every time i click on a song i get the error that the album art couldn’t be found.

Since i don’t use album art anymore because it costs to much time, i have 2 idea’s:

1 > A option in mass-editing where i can delete all album covers at once.
2 > A option where it automatically get the album cover from Last.fm or Google Images so you always have the album covers but it doesn’t cost you any time (It’s an idea i have seen in other software).

Friendly regards,

Already available; the album art is extracted directly out of the ID3-Tag when the element is loaded into the playlist.

Both options were already available in v6.

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Thank you for the response,

1> I didn’t know it was already available, this saved me a lot of time, thank you!

2> I understand there is a option to extract album art from the ID3-Tag when it is in there, but that is not what i mean.

A lot of song’s don’t have a album cover in the ID3-Tag.
Also a lot of songs come from cd’s i own that are compilations: thats why i clean the ID3-Tag before i import it in mAirList. Otherwise i get a lot of songs with ‘compilation’ covers and album titels that are not right.

That’s why the idea is not to have a way to extract already exciting album art, but to find album art online.

So lets say ‘Song 1’ only has ‘TITLE’ + ‘ARTIST’ + ‘ALBUM TITLE’ in the metadata (ID3-Tag) and not the album cover: With this new function you could automatically search google images / Last.FM or any other database that hold album covers to add it to the tracks in the database.

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After a week of trying to schedule the jingles to get the mix ‘right’ it’s still difficult to do it.

So i have an idea for version 7, that i got from other software and works excellent:

I would like to be able to set a max to a jingle (file).
So for example: ‘Jingle 01’ can only be scheduled ‘…’ per hour.
When you enter 1, the jingle will only be planned once every hour.

The problem i have now is that on a daily basis i have 6 jingles.
After every 2 songs there is a jingle.
In the morning i have a ‘good morning’ jingle.
But instead of playing this jingle once in a while, it ONLY plays the jingle every 2 songs and it doesn’t plan the normal jingles at all…

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So i have a small idea:

I started my database as a mp3 database… now i’m upgrading the music files to better quality.

Because there are a lot of files, it’s not really easy to ‘re-link’ a music file.
I need to manually enter the URL path of the file on my pc.

It would be great if i could browse and select the file and click on ‘link’ or ‘open’.

( Also: in software like Adobe, you can right click and click ‘re-link media’ and than scan a folder for a file with the same name. This would also be a great new feature. )

Friendly regards,

I just found out how to change is!

Is there any way to scan my library for double files? Or is this a great idea for version 7?


I use this software:


Imho it offers a wide range of search settings for less money (only once!), because there are too many possibilities double files (which are often not exactly double) won’t be found in a regular search.

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Hi all, testing the 7.0 beta. Nice !!

Is there a possibility to add some extra PFL commands in the hotkeys config?
Love to be able to call a “PFL NEXT SONG”, “PFL EXPORT TO MMD/TAG”, “PFL SKIP 10 SEC”
We do tagging using Envato’s StreamDeck. It’s great, speeds up the tagging. Saving is done using “mouse coordinates” and yo ugeussed: the window’s not always in the same place.

We keep on testing!

reg. Herrix

Hi Herrix,

… can be achieved by PFL JUMP 10000. Negative values would move backwards.


You may want to install this little script:

procedure OnExecuteCommand(Command: string);
  i: integer;
  pl: IPlayerControl;
  if Command = 'PFL NEXT' then
    for i := 0 to CurrentPlaybackControl.getPlayerCount - 1 do
      pl := CurrentPlaylist.GetPlayer(i);
      if pl.GetIsNext then



This will establish the Command PFL NEXT with the desired functionality.

You may want to install this script:

  CueEditorOpen: boolean;
  PFLItem: IPlaylistItem;
procedure OnLoad();
  CueEditorOpen :=false;

procedure OnExecuteCommand(Command: string);
  if (Command = 'PFL SAVE MMD') AND CueEditorOpen then
    if PFLItem <> nil then

procedure OnExtPFLOn(Item: IPlaylistItem; ExtPFLCount: integer);
  PFLItem := Item;

procedure OnCueEditorShow;
  CueEditorOpen := true;

procedure OnCueEditorHide;
  CueEditorOpen := false;
  PFLItem:= nil;



This will establish the Command PFL SAVE MMD with the desired functionality. It is active as long as the Cue Editor window is open. Note that the item has to be played in the Cue Editor/PFL window at least once.

@Herrix, now that all of your demands have been met, would you please put your mAirList license number (not the registration key!) into your forum profile. This is private and cannot be viewed by other users. As a reward you wil receive a beautiful orange checkmark and will be listed as verified user from then on.

Checked and done, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: