V5.0 issues and thoughts

Works nice!
Got some other things to discuss, but first go enjoy the sun :slight_smile:

Thank you for the cooperation.

I hide the playlist now via layout manager, works great!
Question: the keep folder structure in the DB sync, what does that exactly do?



It will automatically create subfolders in the library, just like on the physical disk/storage.


Something I noticed (using 4 players as playlist 2)
When dragging jingles into the players, they change position.

So Jingle 1 - Jingle 2- empty - Jingle 4
When dragging into player 3 witch is empty, it’s no longer 1 2 3 4 but 4 1 2 3 or so.

Can you have a look at that please?


So you have “Auto load in ASSIST mode” turned off for all players?

That was on, disabled it and going to test :slight_smile: