v4.1: Recording cuts with VT or live feed?

The new features in v4.1 look really good. I’ve experimented with some of the new tools and wondered whether the voicetrack or live feed module would be most appropriate (if they are appropriate) for something we do?

We take a satellite feed which provides around 15 cuts an hour which are used on air in a programme. At the moment the clip is recorded into Audacity, then the silences deleted at each end, exported to a shared network drive and then loaded via the file browser in mAirList for near-immediate broadcast.

The feed carries a lot of stuff that won’t be broadcast too. Would the new voicetrack module or live feed be appropriate for recording this content from the feed, setting a cue in for the desired start of the audio and then playing from the playlist?

Hi Jim, Just started looking at 4.1 (home studio release) and if it is possible a nice touch.

Still to try but I would suggest set a live feed to record on an output not going to air. Edit the cue points in the mix editor so that any unwanted content is ignored and drop into a player going to air.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind Regards tony

Live feeds are made for immediate re-broadcast (with a possible delay of x seconds - but keep in mind that the buffered audio is kept in RAM, so the delay should get too large).

The VT recorder could be used for recording this kind of audio, but it’s optimized for voice tracks (hence the name) in between music, and the editing features are very limited.

Thanks Torben, another option then is a small mp3 recorder such as I Sound Pro (sorry to mention this again, but it is what we use).

Configure to record from a keystroke CTRL R for instance, CTRL S = stop, drag the file into mAirlIst from the I Sound browser and open in the pfl editor, then set the cue points.

We use a similar idea to capture the sports feeds from Sky/IRN a quick edit in Audacity and then drop into playout.

If the audio you need to capture is at set times, I Sound has a scheduler to enable this.

If you have a suitable application you already use to do this (like I Sound Pro), you can of course write a one-line mAirList script to start said application, then add it to the Scripts menu or even assign that to a Run Script Action connected to a mAirList button.