V3.0.9 b622: Logging variable %i does not work

It seems that the %i{id3v2-tagname} logging variable does not work any more?

I will use the %u{mAirList-attribute-name} variable meantime.

%i is a more reliable choice for me, because I know the info. in my MP3 tags is correct, whereas the MMD (or mAirListDB) record may or may not contain all the attributes I want to use (album/track/year) depending on which version of mAirList originally ‘imported’ the file; so please tell me if the %i logging variable is to be ‘discontinued!’


Indeed, I spotted the word “TODO” in the source code…

Feature has returned in the latest snapshot #625.

Wonderful! Thank you, Torben! :-*

… the word “TODO” …

PS: ‘To do’ is two words, not one … but I know what you meant!
(I’m in ‘Campaign for Real Pedantry’ [or CaRP] mode today :D)