v2.1.46 b506: Minor Layout Designer dialog nits

I’ll cut straight to the chase on this one.

In TLayoutDesignerForm, btnSave should have a Top value of 5 and not 6; it is presently misaligned with btnReset.

Also, the dialog looks more symmetrical if btnReset has a Left value of 110 instead of 105. :wink:

Finally, would it be possible/impossible to ‘select’ items in the Layout Designer dialog by clicking them in the running instance of mAirList? (For example, clicking on the mAirList Browser selects the Browser list item in the lbObjects tListBox in the Layout Designer dialog.)


Button positions have been fixed.

The other request is not possible at the moment. (The Layout Designer maintains a list of TControl objects - however, the OnClick is protected in the TControl base class, so it cannot hook that event.)

All understood.

Shame about the OnClick not being ‘hookable’ but that’s not a big deal.

Thanks again!