v.40 - long gaps

There appear to be a significant amount of pauses between some transitions in the Playlist - it’s not a Cue problem as rolling back to .39 cures it. We don’t have anything fancy for logging as yet, so mAirList is only playing the files, not performing any logging or scripting etc.

Is that a missing [ in your sig., Charlie?

CAD (who types his sig. manually every time ;D)

This has been reported by someone else in the German forums. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. It’s probably related to the configuration. Charlie, could you mail me your mAirList.ini (again g), please?

Sure, I’ll grab it from the radio station tomorrow… We’re using the latest version on-air (always fun!), but that’s the only problem we’ve seen so far. Had to roll back for that reason and the Toolbar size problem.