UTF-8 support using MySQL as backend

I’m running into issues with character encoding. My database is running on MySQL /MariaDB backend with utf-8 unicode as collate. But when saving an entry I entered using the database app it gives me some strange characters within database , the apps or the metadata. What other things can I look after to see where the issue can be found?

As you can see in the mysql database everything looks good. Any suggestions what can be wrong?

@Torben Connecting from mairlist with mariadb / mysql server and utf8 unicode collate and characterset=utf8 in the advanced options it works like a charm.
Except … with remote database management problem remains…

I assume you mean the computer running Professional Manage license?

Does it access the SQL directly, or through the mAirListDB Server application?

Trough the mAirlistDB server application

Did you remember to restart DBServer after adding the UTF8 option, so that it picks up the new configuration?

Ah , excellent. Too obvious but okay. Thanks for your assistance.