Using mAirList with a Sound4 sound processor

I’m not sure this a mAirList related question, but maybe I would get some help here :wink: I hope there are some mAirList users who also use a Sound4 sound processor !
I am using a Sound4 Impact sound processor, and I’d like to insert metadata for my internet stream. On the mAirList side, everything is fine : a xml file is generated each time the item played changes.
I have to choose a script type, among which some well-known brands such as Jazler, Zetta, OpenRadio, NexyGen or WinMedia propose their own script, ready to use. I can also create a new script or edit an existing script, using LUA language.
And here’s finally my question : has somebody created his own script for a Sound4 sound processor ? I am a techie, not a programmer, so using this LUA language seems well off my league.

Thanks for you answers and for your help…