Using CSV fles for File tagging

I’m looking for help with a music file tagging issue. We have a large collection of CDs that we have ripped to MP3 files. We need to add ISRC codes to all songs as tags. While Music Brainz can find ISRC codes for all international songs, it cannot do so for Finnish songs. Our station being in Finland, we have around 10,000 songs that need manual tagging. I can download ISRC tags .csv file from ISRC Search for every album, but my friend and I don’t know how to add the tags to songs from that CSV file. If we could download .csv files from the search and then use an MP3tag program, import CSV to add those ISRC tags to songs, we would save a lot of time. Does anyone have experience with this matter?

Ask the developer of MP3tag Florian Heidenreich to add this feature to his app.

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