Using AirMeter general purpose I/O for faderstart

I’m using mAirlist version 4.4.13 Build 2129 in my home studio (on a home studio license). In my setup I’m using the AirMeter as a soundcard next to a D&R AirMate USB. The Airmeter also consists of general purpose I/O ports which can in general be used for ‘integrating stuff’.

Is it possible to integrate the general purpose ports with mAirList to get the faderstart working from the AirMate? I’ve seen integrations with the digital D&R mixers on this forum, but not this more analog setup.

I’m hoping someone can help we with this matter.

Hello Pieter,

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Unfortunately the official support for mAirList v4.x has ended by December 31st, 2019.

Maybe someone else is able to help you from the community.
Do you want me to move your question to Hardware?

The actual mAirList version is 6.2.6.
In your customer area you’ll find a very special upgrade offer. :wink:

The Airmeter uses the Airence hardware module inside as far as I know (but please check with the seller). In that case, it should work with our Airence software module.

Thanks for your feedback. I completely overlooked the 2020 end of support message.

Moving this topic myself into the hardware area didn’t work however due to the following error: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

I’ll check with the seller. When your assumption is correct, what are my options in a home license?
I guess that will also involve upgrading the current product to the new version?

Answer received from the seller. AirMeter indeed uses the same hardware module as the airence.

Done :white_check_mark: :slightly_smiling_face:

We can offer you a combined upgrade price, regarding your current version.
Please contact for details.

The assumption was correct. It’s possible to use the faderstart of the Airmate USB in combination with the AirMeter with the Airence hardware module. It seems however that the 5 General Purpose Inputs of the AirMeter are linked to the switches a little differently than on the Airence itself:

GPI1: Switch 27
GPI2: Switch 30
GPI3: Switch 33
GPI4: Switch 36
GPI5: Switch 26

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