Use AudioProc Winamp DSP plugin as sound processor

I am testing mAirList and I tried Stereo Tool as sound processing plugin and that works like a charm. I now want to try the use of AudioProc for some streams, but I cannot get it to work.

The owner of AudioProc told me that AudioProc only works on 44.1 KHz audio and all my audio files are 48 KHz. I thought that mAirList internally works on a WAV or PCM format. Is there a way to set the internal sample frequency to 44.1 KHz, even if the original material is 48 KHz?

Thanks for helping me out.


You are probably going to put AudioProc into the DSP chain of mAirList’s encoder, right?

In that case, the frequency of the original audio files doesn’t matter, only the frequency of the encoder - you can set that to 44100 (it’s the default setting by the way).

The encoder, more precisely: the mixer built into the encoder, will resample all input files that are not 44100. The DSPs will run at 44100, so it’s no problem to use AudioProc.

There’s one known issue with AudioProc though: Sometimes the settings dialog won’t react on mouse clicks. In that case, deactivate (bypass) the plugin for a seconds, then reactivate it.

I have also experienced issues when you try to save a preset in AudioProc - but there’s a workaround for that, just ask me again.

Thanks, I will give it a try.
Do you know of other sound processing plugins that work well with mAirList and that are not too heavy on the CPU use?

The AudioProc sound processor works OK. It uses only very little % of the CPU power, at least compared to Stereo Tool.