Hi there

can anybody recommend a USB-to-AES/EBU converter that works with mAirList ?
I would prefer an adapter withe two AES outputs.

Thanks in advance

Hi Uli,

how about thinking of an ADAT-compatible sound device with a separate converter? I don‘t know about your budget, but at rme-audio you could find something that meets your demands.

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Hi Uli,

have a look at this:
another solution can be the PUC AES interface from Yellowtec:

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Hi Tom,

thanks a lot for the quick reply !!

And if the PUC2 works I guess the PUC2-Lite will work as well with mAirList?
Generally speaking: Most Converters will typically work with mAirList ? No speciall requirements?

Would it also be possible to connect two PUC2 to have two AES Outputs? Meaning configure one for Channel 1/2 and the second one for Channel 3/4.
Thank you very much for helping

Or how about a pair of Audinate AVIO AES3 adapters plus a switch and a Dante Virtual Soundcard?