URL-encoded filenames not working?

I got excited when I saw this in the Build 3944 CHANGELOG.

[+] M3U Import: Support for URL-encoded filenames (M3U created by VLC 3.x)

I created a couple of VLC playlists. When I drag them onto a mAirList playlist the items are all shown as errors and the %encoded characters are visible:

I can supply the M3U file if that will help.


The new urlencoded-aware filter works when opened from a function where you can explicitly specify the file type as “M3U Playlist (URL-encoded/VLC3)” - e.g. the Open dialog (file type dropdown) or Music Template import settings.

Drag&drop will use the default filter which cannot handle urlencoded filenames.

We checked whether an autodetection would be possible without breaking things for existing user, and found that it would not be (easily) possible.